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    Standaard Amsterdam, Dollebegijnensteeg 9-3, Lily (Bulg), afternoon

    I wanted to write about the three German Sauna clubs that I have been to in December. It was my intent to write about them after I had visited all three of them. Before that I went to Amsterdam RLD a lot. I found this Bulgarian girl and I am smitten with her beauty and personality.
    After I had been to Samya I realised that to me Golden Time is history. Each story is personal but right now I like Samya so much more than GT that it is no use any more going to GT.
    Then I had some 'spare time' to kill and I realised that I really only like to go to Lianna when in Amsterdam.
    I am desperately waiting for her return, so I can go bankrupt in the next few months.

    This is a short story about her.
    Her name is Lily or Lianna or Line. She comes from Bulgaria. To me she is the most beautiful of the RLD in Amsterdam.
    She is very friendly too!!!! She is 25 or 26 (forgot), about 1.60, has a C cup (enhanced), long dark brown (or black) hair.
    I first visited her in January 2018. I chose her because of her beauty and her presentation. She is not hesitant, shows herself at the door. Not turning away or looking the other way or anything of that. Inside she is modest but clear about what is possible and what is not. The touch of her hands on my skin is special. Her sucking is so very good. Even with a condom. She quickly adjusts to a soft blowjob, instead of the hard one that so many men seem to like. I decide stay half an hour longer. I come nicely.
    After that I keep looking for her. Sometimes I find her. Sometimes she is gone. I cannot fully understand that but in November I see her again after I missed her a few times (another girl in her room!!).
    I won't go in detail what happened in November and the next weeks but I only could go to another girl when she told me she went to Bulgaria for a holiday.
    Not so sure where this will end but I won't bore you with too many details.
    A lie is a great story that somebody ruined with the truth. (HIMYM)

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