Encouraged by a member of the board, here is info on Anka. Let's see if I get the format right:

Haarkleur/-lengte : Reddish / Shoulder length (usually tied back)
Lengte dame : 1.80m
Postuur/Cupmaat : Normal / B (Silicone)
Nationaliteit/Taal : Romanian / German and English
Leeftijd : 22
Tatoeages/Piercings : Black spider on right hip
Service: Good but YMMV
Voordelen: Intelligent, don't know how to fake
Nadelen: Moody, does take a while to get started
Tijdsduur : 1 uur
Prijs : € 100
Extra’s bij het bezoek:

I have gone several times with Anka. Probably three or four times while she worked at World and once while at Oase. The first couple of sessions at World were great. The second one I did anal with her. She likes to control the pace during anal so she prefers cowgirl position. Don't remember the price of anal, but it was high (either 100 or 150 extra)

The reports on Anka are up and down. Some report very bad sessions with her. I have always gotten good or great sessions although I am getting a bit tired of her complaining. If you are a good listener and can handle her complaining and bitching about everything from the job to the price of heating and electricity for 10-20 minutes before you start the sex, she can be great session.

Would I recommend her? I don't know, if you click with her, you will have a great session. If you don't, the session will probably suck. My guess is you don't get a really good session from her unless you do one hour or more as the first 10-15 minutes will usually go into listening to her complaints. I actually like her personality (except the complaining) and the sessions always end up being fun and she also gives me good time outside of the room as well.