Gekopieerd van het ISG-forum een bericht dat is geschreven door Cordelia van FKK World; doe er uw voordeel mee :p :p

Cordelia says:

I have read in past reports on the forum that some members would like some views about how to behave at an FKK.

The following short report is a girl’s view, from my own experience and gleaned from discussions with my friends gathered round the red tables in the small hours. It does not all apply for all girls. But is meant as an impression which will apply for most honest working girls

All girls want a “good guest” and to be regarded as one is the highest compliment that a girl can pay you. You need to remember that the girls are at FKK to earn money if they have good time then that is nice but peripheral. This means that to qualify as a good guest the girls have two criteria: money and hygiene. Intelligence and being sexy is a bonus.

1. Money

However nice you are if you can’t pay then you will largely be ignored (this may sound like a truism but can bear some repetition!!) A guest who pays well is loved by everyone !! We have all had guests who claim to have no money and ask us if we will have sex with them for nothing its very irritating and shows a lack of respect.

Check the price first especially if you want something different- e.g. two girls or a lesbian show as the price may vary depending on the girl. Be specific about what you want if you don’t get it and you haven’t said you can’t complain afterwards eg some girls don’t kiss if this is important to you then say.

Don’t try to get the girl to undercut the normal club prices or wine for extra time for free. If you do all you will get is a girl in a bad mood

2. Hygiene

Another really nice thing a girl will often say about their favourite guests is “ he was very clean - like a woman” Please wash and shower – especially the bits you sit on…. sitting around in a towel makes you sweatier than you realise especially if you want a blow job. Btw, many girls don’t like giving BBBJ as they think it is unhygienic so washing often will help. And don’t forget to shave if it’s 12 hours since your last one, and clean your teeth (yes, your mother was right…). Of course it’s not only the men who need to shave – I know that girls who don’t shave give men sore mouths…

3. Do

If you do want two girls it’s often easier to let the girl choose who she wants to work with: we all have friends we feel comfortable with. If you have ideas e.g. black or blonde, big boobs etc you can say what you would like and let your girl find someone.

Be friendly (i.e. a brief hello as you pass by) to all girls even if you don’t want to go with them. Not all girls will appreciate this but most will.

4. Don’ts Please

Don’t waste a girl’s time if you don’t want to go to a room - a chat, a kiss or two followed by a polite refusal is fine. If you want to touch for nothing and won’t follow through means that the jungle drums will brand you as “crazy” or something worse!!

Don’t ask a girl to go to the whirl pool unless you want to go to a room. The girls think the whirl pool is unhygienic – we have all seen men jack off in there and it rather puts you off!! In addition it makes one’s skin wrinkly and we have to shower afterwards and apply body lotion!! The same applies to the swimming pool.

Don’t grope the girls in the corridors - as a friend of mine said ” I may sell me but I should be respected”

Don’t say to a girl ”you aren’t doing very well tonight” we don’t need you to point this out unless you are going to do something about it. Or comment on the quality of the girl’s previous guest.

Please don’t talk about the other girls, your comments will only get back to the girl concerned.

If you interrogate the girls then you will get a standard patter back which may or not be true. For all they know, you may be Police or worse. They will tell you more as they begin to like or trust you a bit.

4 Don’t Worry , Be Happy

Don’t worry about your “performance” just have as nice a time as you can- if you enjoy yourself the girl will enjoy it as well. You don’t have to be a pornstar stud in fact, for many girls this is not too popular, as going too hard can make us sore and can get uncomfortable. Be aware that if you want a long session your girl may be tired and/or sore by the end, some men want to go hard for as long as they can.

Don’t worry about size – in fact small is often more popular

5. Keep Up Standards

Keep your head- try not to be obviously drunk or stoned- it acts as a magnet as girls will try and take advantage of you and relieve you of more money than you realised you had spent. If you are out of your head you may be charged twice or time may suddenly fly so that you are charged for hours. Not all girls are saints!

If you wan to keep good service then make sure you go with girls who appear to make their guests cheerful and who don’t dispose of them in five minutes. If you want a club with naked girls don’t go with ones wearing towels. Remember that you set the standard as the girls will do whatever it takes to get a customer. If the men went with girls painted bright blue then we would all be blue next day
Don’t believe all the sob stories you hear. Some will be true, some will not.